Quick Reference Guide: An Indicator “Traffic Light” Table

Quick Reference Guide: An Indicator “Traffic Light” Table

How is it measured?

The table below lists a variety of measures that some states are considering for inclusion in their school accountability systems. While data quality matters for all indicators, some of these measures pose bigger accuracy concerns than others. Using the colors green, yellow and red, the table suggests the level of confidence — or conversely, caution — that advocates should have when thinking about whether to include each measure in school ratings, in a needs assessment that follows the rating (a look at a broader range of data to understand school-based causes of underperformance), and in public reporting, respectively.

GREEN means a relatively high level of confidence. While data quality is always a concern, it is less of an issue with these indicators.

YELLOW means a medium level of caution. If interested in including these measures, advocates need to pay special attention to data quality.

RED means a high level of caution/use discouraged.

Note: More indicators to be added.